It is a rule in fashion that if you can leave the bag, leave the bag. But the thing is it is not always proper and comfortable to stuff all our things in our jean’s pockets. ‘Cos more often than not, leaving the bag turns our pockets bulgy and this is never a good look. When you go out though, what are your essentials? A purse, your phone, and a bottle of cologne? If that made up your casual trip basics, then I have some good news for you. Now you can leave the tote bag because the Atomyzer is here! “Atomyzer – The Case That Sprays!”

It is a new product on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo that put together an iPhone case with a refillable atomizer. Suffice it is to say, this iPhone case go beyond just protecting your smartphone from scratches and nicks. It also supports your hygienic needs. You can fill it up with your favorite cologne, hand sanitizer, alcohol, or whatever liquid you just can’t go out without. It is originally designed for perfumes and colognes, but you can certainly fill it up with any liquid you like. Perhaps not anything you intend to drink though. The spray head can be locked, so you do not have to worry about accidental butt sprays.


It is amazing how technology is constantly showing it is avant-garde. You can never imagine in how many ways it can make our lives convenient with new discoveries. Now you can fit all your things in your pockets without ruining that cool and fresh mien. Big thanks to the brilliant mind behind this, Rahul Dharod!