Asus ZenWatch Will Have Voice Command, Says CEO Jerry Shen

It is highly expected that Samsung and LG will reveal their new smartwatches next week in IFA 2014 but, they have new competitor in line also. Samsung and LG have already unveiled their device as Gear S and G Watch R respectively however, Asus is waiting for September 3 and the company will reveal its first smartwatch then. Jerry Shen, CEO of Asus, has revealed a bit about their upcoming device and it has been named as Asus ZenWatch.

As reported by Focus Taiwan, ZenWatch would be available in less than $199; this report was confirmed by the company’s CEO, the source reported. The expected release month of the device is said to be of October in US and other places of the world.

Some sources reported that ZenWatch will have the price tag of $99, but some suggested it to be $149 which seems more realistic price for the device. But when compared with its competitors, the device is still cheap.

As said by the CEO of Asus, their upcoming device will have voice command feature. In start, it will only have English detecting voice recognition. At the start of this year, there were also the rumors about the device having gesture controls but no authentic source has confirmed this news.

The video below depicts that the Asus ZenWatch has a bit of curved display but this curve is not as much as the curve of the Samsung’s Tizen-based Gear S.