The ever growing smartwatch market is about to get a little more crowded this year. After Google unveiled its first set of Android Wear smartwatches at this year’s annual developers conference this week, a new report has come claiming that Asus will be launching its own Android Wear smartwatch in September.

 Techcrunch, citing sources familiar with Asus’ plans, the smartwatch is likely to come with an AMOLED display and could be priced between $99(approx. 6000 ) and $149(approx. 9000 ) – $50 less than LG’s G Watch. This could very well be the most affordable Android Wear powered smartwatch arriving this year.

 “Asus had previously discussed including gesture control on its smartwatch to make up for a smaller screen more suitable to wristborne computing, but this was prior to Google’s unveiling of Android Wear so it’s unclear if it’s the same project as the one discussed above,” said the report.

Earlier this year, Asus was heard to be working on a smartwatch that would feature voice-commands and customisable gesture interface. However, this was before Google revealed its Android Wear launching plans.

The major tipster @evleaks has provided additional information about the smartwatch’s form factor, mentioning the wearable (codenamed Robin) is looking to be the thinnest in its category.It appears the ASUS Robin could be aspecting at a September release date, pitting it against the upcoming Motorola 360, as well as the soon to be released LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live. HTC — where are you?