ASUS has already shown many devices from the CES in January of this year over at Computex. It has also announced the new portable tablet device known as PadFone S. however; the real name of the portable tablet is PadFone X Smartphone.

ASUS PadFone S Smartphone will come with a 8.9 inch PadFone Station that gives 1080p display. However, the Smartphone is only 5 inch with 1080p display. The Smartphone has built-in 2,330 mAh battery for powering along with 4,990 mAh battery for PadFone Tablet Station.

ASUS PadFone X Introduces as PadFone S 3

For GPU, you will have Adreno 330 along with quad core 2.3 GHz Trait 400 processor to have a faster performance. Also, you will have a 13 mega pixel attached camera in this tablet.

The exclusive AT&T exclusive PadFone X will be released in the market on June 6, 2014 at only $199 for the users. However, ASUS PadFone S will be available on the Q3 of this year with the amazing features.

Moreover, Asus is going to release the new MeMO Pad 7 in the market maybe on the middle of the June or starting of July. This MeMO Pad 7 will have 5 mega pixels primary camera, 2 mega pixels front camera along with 1200 x 800 IPS display for the users.

ASUS PadFone X Introduces as PadFone S with MeMO Pad 7 Releases2