The PadFone X from Asus that was announced last January has been recently surfaced at the FCC and it is going to be the first PadFone from the company which it will officially being to United States. Earlier the device had to be imported from outside but now Asus has done partnership with AT&T and plans to get it to North American market through wireless carrier 4G LTE network.


Senior vice president, Jeff Bradley – devices over at AT&T, said that “We are committed to delivering our customers the most innovative and compelling device portfolio. The PadFone X is first of its kind in the U.S. It combines leading technology, a beautiful design and a remarkably seamless application experience – all on the nation’s fastest and most reliable 4G LTE network. This allows consumers to run their smartphone apps instantly on a vivid 9-inch tablet display. The magic of it is that the experience is not just bigger, it’s better than on a traditional smartphone.”

Chairman of ASUS, Jonney Shih was quoted saying “AT&T and ASUS share a passion for innovation and we are very excited to bring the ASUS PadFone X to the U.S market. Our technology is capable of instantly turning a premium smartphone into a tablet, giving consumer the ultimate experience on both devices. Together, we look forward to bringing more choices to consumers.”

The Asus PadFone X can be called as a tablet in a smartphone where the device comes in a 5-inch display and slides into a 9-inch tablet. The device while running in tablet mode can run Android apps on a larger display while simultaneously charging the smartphone as tablet will have its own battery backup. The tablet uses the smartphone’s own processor, storage, memory and a wireless chip and will be dependent on the smartphone for all these. Moreover it being a smartphone that will access the network, AT&T won’t be charging any additional fees for 4G LTE network.

The Asus PadFone X comes with a 5-inch display and 1080×1920 pixel resolution with 441 ppi density. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset with Adreno 300 GPU support, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage,5MP camera and the latest Android KitKat 4.4 on-board.