Smartphone manufacturer Asus announced its new smartwatch the Asus VivoWatch which is said to be made available by this year end. However, the VivoWatch doesn’t belong to the ZenWatch family, a Android Wear smartwatch that the company announced last year.

However, the company has not revealed much details about the gadget but said that it’s a fitness centric smartwatch offering a whopping battery support of 10 days. Some of the other confirmed features include heart rate monitor, stainless steel frame, and a package of health-centric apps. The screen of the smartwatch appears to black and white below which we can see the colored LED notification in the images below.

The Asus VivoWatch comes with IP67 certification and is dust and water proof and runs on a different platform apart from Android Wear. Not much information regarding its software platform is available for the moment.

The pricing for the Asus VivoWatch is expected to be somewhere around $199.

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