It has been a year since ARM unveiled two new members to the Mali family, Mali-T720 and Mail-T760. This year, the company unveiled their successors along with a third GPU design plus two other media related processors. The five new media processors are: the Mail-T820 GPU, the Mali-T830 GPU, the Mail-T860 GPU, the Mali-V550 video recorder and the Mali DP-550 display processor.

ARM’s Media Processing Division works with over 60 partners who most of them have 100 Mali licenses to integrate Mali-GPUs and other Mali processors into System-on-a-Chip (SoC) design along with ARM based CPUs. Currently, Mali is the number one GPU used on Android devices and ARM’s partner shipped over 400 million chips with Mali GPUs during 2013.

Mali-T860 is built on top of the previous generation of Mali-GPUs and consists the same number as Mali-T760. The difference is that T860 includes bandwidth reduction technologies which in fact this feature also found in T820 and T830 too. T820 and T830 is very similar. The only difference is that T830 has two ALU(Arithmetic Logic Unit) cores per shader whereas T820 only has one. The difference T820/T830 with T860 is that T820/T830 supports DirectX 11 FL9_3 and not DirectX 11.1 which is hardly an issue for Android users.

Mali-V550 is the first ARM video decoder which includes HEVC hardware encoding and decoding in single code which can handle full HD (1080p) at 60fps. Mali DP550 is the new display driver which can bring energy efficiency processing all the way to the glass.