Apple has released TouchID API which is available in iOS8. By using API, the apps which is normally need passcode to login to the apps due to security reasons, can also use fingerprint to login to the apss.

Below is the list of apps which is already included with the fingerprint sensor feature for iOS 8.

1Password – Currently is free due to a glitch. It is an all-round password tool but it is unlikely to free for a long time, so we suggest for you to download it as soon as possible.

Amazon – the updated iOS app is able to use TouchID to log into the account.

Discover – a banking app for all intents and purposes is also using biometric to login to the account.

Evernote – Only for premium user then the user is able to use the new feature to login to the account.

LastPass – a password manager app which also uses Touch ID to protect the passwords saved in the app.

A few other apps such as Lowe’s, Mint, PasswordBox, Scanner Pro, Simple, Day One and eHarmony have also moved towards using TouchID feature.

Not only TouchID added another layer of defense and general security, it also provides a convenient way to login to the app. The user just needs to tap a thumb or index on the fingerprint sensor which is a lot lesser tedious than to key in the passcode. Eventhough the feature has some issue during the earlier release; it is a lot more secure than the traditional four-number PIN.

If you use any of the abovementioned apps, it is recommended to updating them swiftly. However, the feature is only available from iPhone 5S, however, the developers is going to include some adjustments to improve performance with the next updates, thus it is still better to upgrade the apps.