Apple iTunes App Store is the place where you can download apps and games in iOS 8 on iPhone. Now it is home to more than 1.3 million apps and games. While it is easy to find apps that is recommended by friends and family by using the search feature, however, it is not so easy discovering new apps or games. To make it more difficult, this view is being shared with many users and commentators alike so it might be overloaded with information.

To solve this issue, Apple has released two new features on the apps store, Apps Previews and App Bundles. It is available starting from iOS8. Its purpose is to make it easier for the developers to promote the games and apps that they have created.


For the apps that we see for the first time, we normally will take a look at the screenshots, icons and comments from the people who have downloaded the apps to know more about the apps. After we decided that what the apps can do is worth the price, we do not mind to pay the price and download the apps. However, sometimes, we find that the apps are not as per our expectation. Apps Previews will solve this issue by giving a short video preview of what the app’s feature before we download the apps.

Meanwhile, the other new feature of app store, App Bundles will show the list of apps under the same developers, so that we as the users can buy them in clusters and at a discounted rate, if the developer intends to sell them at the lower price. Therefore, we can pay lower price for a family of apps.