These most recent clicks of Apple’s new iPhone have been brought  into highlight in China from Taiwanese celebrity Jimmy Lin. As following the same pattern like last year he is the man who also showcased a pre-release iPhone 5 to the digital universe of iPhones.
As the image is self-explanatory, iPhone 6 is quite larger than the the 4-inch iPhone 5 portrayed alongside with it .The new iPhone seems to have adapted the iPad mini-inspired looks – with curvier edges, also the same pattern in speaker and overall physical form. Two exceptionally highlighted strips of plastic with quite distinctive white colour embedded on the top and bottom, are going to make a difference with reception about the glamour point of view of phone.

While coming to slight thread of experience received from Jimmy Lin who published the image, claimed that the iPhone 6 undeniably sports a 4.7” display, also has a good grip.The power button is placed on the right side, and has got no built-in antenna outside.

Apart of these  images, another slot of leaks shows the aluminum shell of the upcoming iPhone 6. Let’s wait a little more to see how bigger and better it would be in nearest future