iPhone 6 which is released recently is using the latest Apple’s A8 chip with dual-core 1.4GHz Cyclone CPU and an unknown GPU. GPU chip is a chip whose task is for calculation of graphical output to the monitors. It is mainly used for gaming purposes. There is rumour that the graphics unit in A8 is the PowerVE GX6650, the next generation of the one that is used in iPhone 5S (PowerVR G6430).

Apple claims that with the new chip, it means the device will have up to 25 percent faster CPU performance and up to 50 percent faster graphics while maintaining a decent battery life even while powering larger and more pixel-rich display.

The first Apple iPhone 6 A8 GPU chip was put on a test. It was tested from the GPU testing Basemark X suite. The result shown that iPhone 6 scores a higher points from its predecessor at 21,204 points whereas iphone 5S scores 20,253 points.

Looking at the Basemark X result, we can assume that Apple has chosen hexa-core PowerVR G6630 instead since the performance is not really up to the expectation. When compared with other product from another company, such as Samsung Galaxy S5, it scores at 23,501 points with Adreno 330 GPU and screen of higher 1080p resolution.

For the other newly released product iPhone6 plus, we hope that Apple will put in a better GPU chip to produce a better quality of display on a bigger screen.