Apple is currently working on a new feature with codenamed ‘Proactive’. This feature is expected to be demonstrated in 2015 Apple WWDC which starts on June 8 in San Francisco.  Proactive will be seen as a competitor for Google Now for Android devices. The new feature will be able to provide timely information based on user’s data and device usage patterns while keeping the user’s privacy.

Apple started on Proactive’s development when the company bought over a personal assistant app called Cue in 2013. It was aimed to expand the search capability of iOS’ Spotlight app and Safari search results. As a result, Spotlight app in iOS 8 able to display result from Wikipedia. On top of that, it is also aimed to reduce dependency on Google search to find results based on the search text.

Proactive app will be placed on the left of the first Home screen which is the location of Spotlight before iOS 7’s redesign. In some build of iOS 9, Proactive will be placed both with pulldown menu as well as at the left of the home screen. On top of the ability to search for contact names, launch apps and find audio tracks, the new feature will be able to include the ability to display news stories as the search result, be it the current topics or news on famous people.

There are a lot of things which Apple is developing currently which includes the new streaming music service, a new Home app for managing the home automation as well as new security and optimization features.