Apple has launched a new MacBook recently. It is slim, light and it comes with Retina display. The only downside is that it only has a single port in the entire device. One way is to connect a dongle which comes with multiple ports to this port in order to do multiple things in a time, like charging your smartphone while transferring data from your MacBook to your portable hard disk.

The single port is versatile and it is using USB-C standard. You can do basically anything by connecting to this port, things like data transfer, outputs video and it also can send or receive power. However, of course, you will need a converter to convert USB-C standard to the normal USB-A standard that most devices are using currently.

The new MacBook is able to run for nine to 10 hours on a single charge and thus it can be further extended with a high-capacity battery pack. The minimum is 20,000 mAh which you can easily buy from Amazon for $20. Some of you might be wondering with a lot of USB ports and outlets available to the public, why do we need this feature?  One of the scenarios where this feature might be useful is when you are doing your work at Starbucks and you don’t want to lose your seat to find an outlet then you will need this feature. Another scenario is for the professional photographers who are out on the field the whole day.