Last month we heard that Apple was already testing its next operating system iOS 9. Later, iOS 9 was spotted running on iPhone 6 in the Rightware benchmark database and it was speculated that Apple’s new operating system would be ready for release by June when the Cupertino giant holds its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June.

Now a report by 9to5Mac suggests that Apple is directing its focus on enhancing the stability and performance of the iOS 9. Although stability is always expected in the software of such a big company as Apple, the rapid release of operating systems one after the other have somewhat compromised their overall stability and performance, resulting in several complaints from customers.

Apple has released a new version of its operating system every year since 2007. In 2013, the company made some major changes in user interface and introduced certain new features like Control Center and Touch ID. Next year in iOS 8 the company streamlined the user interface and introduced new features Apple Pay and Health. Also included in it was some groundwork for Apple Watch. Some users felt that the iOS was losing its smooth and fluid touch as the performance of their devices had slowed down.

In view of these complaints, Apple wants to include several improvements to iOS 9 codenamed Monarch. According to sources, the Apple team is focusing greatly on ‘under-the-hood’ improvements like fixing of bugs, boosting performance and imparting stability to the new operating system instead of simply focusing on adding new features. The company is also keen to keep the OS and updates’ size at a manageable level which would especially be helpful to users with low 16GB storage devices.

Apple has sold record 74.5 million iPhone handsets in the last December quarter taking it at par with Samsung. The company predicts that there will be over 600 million iPhone users worldwide in three years’ time. If this is to happen, Apple is doing the right thing in putting out all efforts in stabilizing and optimizing the new iOS 9. Of course, it will have new features such as public transit as well as outdoor and indoor mapping.

According to 9to5Mac, it is still not clear whether Apple will be limiting the iOS 9 release to recent devices that run on 64-bit processors i.e. from Apple A7 onward. If such is the case, development of iOS for Apple and 3rd-party developers would become easy.

Source 9to5Mac