As we know, Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS 9 is coming soon. Google Analytics found Apple already testing this new version. Now the iOS 9 has popped up in the Rightware benchmark database showing iPhone 6 running it.

So it seems that Apple’s upcoming iOS 9 is being tested in its latest iphone. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has already gone on record saying that the company will try to release a new version of iOS and Mac OS every year. The Google Analytics findings and the Rightware benchmark database indicate that Apple is moving in that direction and will probably be ready with a developer preview by June when the company holds its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

Rightware benchmark database - iOS9 - 2

While it is still not clear what changes iOS 9 is going to incorporate, we can get an idea about it if we check the benchmark results. The Basemark OS II test results are available for iPhone 6 running iOS 8 and iPhone 6 running iOS 9. If we compare both the test results, we can see that there is only little difference between the two.

However, it is very likely that the iOS 9 version tested here is just a preliminary build that is being tried out and the actual final product will be much different with some major enhancements over the earlier version.

Via PhoneArena