MIT Apple Apple in trouble
The internationally famous MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has filed a lawsuit petition against techology giant Apple and its suppliers for violating a 1997 patent. According to MIT, 15 years ago two men patented a laser cutting technique which is used for making semiconductor wafers. These semiconductor wafers are used in Apple’s mobile devices and computers. In the lawsuit filed against Micron Technology in Boston federal court, MIT claimed that the company was aware of the patent when it used the technology. Micron Technology is providing Apple with DRAM semiconductor chips that are used in products like iPad and iPhone.


Patent history
The patent is about a specific technique which is used in a procedure that involves cutting a link between two interconnected circuits. In year 1997, an Israeli engineering professor named Joseph Bernstein and his fellow inventor Zhihui Duan filed the patent for this technology. In 2000, they were finally issued the patent. However, MIT claims that it has the rights to the patent; therefore, it should be paid the damages as well as royalties on all Apple products that contain the chips manufactured using this specific technology. .


Another case
This is not the first time that a famous university has sued Apple. In 2013, Boston University had also filed a petition against Apple. The university claimed that Apple used a technology for making an electronic component which is a violation of university’s 1997 patent. For this purpose, Boston University hired a Texas based law firm which was paid on emergency basis to sue Apple and a few other firms. The law firm wanted Apple iPhone 5 to be banned. A technology analyst anticipated that this lawsuit would be settled for an amount of $75 million so that Apple can continue with its work.