Force Touch is a feature from Apple which is able to differentiate between a light touch and a deep press when a user tap on the screen. It is going to be introduced for the first time on Apple’s smartwatch, Apple Watch. However, Apple is toying with an idea for bringing this feature into its iPhone range product. It is predicted that this feature will be applied on iPhone with some kind of motion/gesture sensing which is going to be embedded in the device’s hardware level. This feature on iPhone will be called 3D Touch Technology.

According to the rumors, the main supplier of the iPhone 6S’ 3D Touch Technology will be a US-based Avago Tech. The same company which is behind the initial development stage Wii Gesture Sensor technology. Currently, the 3D Touch Technology is in the early stage of R&D development. Therefore, there is no further confirmation from Apple regarding the new technology.

Hopefully, there are some good news in the future. Stay tuned!

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