Apple has again triumphed victorious in Round 2 of legal patent war with Samsung. Samsung Electronics Co. is ordered to pay Apple Inc. $119.62 million (U.S.) after a Silicon Valley jury found the South Korean company guilty of copying key features of the iPhone in creating Galaxy S II.

This is not a huge victory as Apple had hoped to achieve, as the company claimed infringement on five patents and asked for $2.2 billion in damages. The patents in question were for two features, the quick links feature that produces links for numbers and URLs in messages (patent 647) and the famous slide-to-unlock feature (patent 721). There was also a patent for word autocomplete feature (patent 172) but that was dismissed this time as it was found to have been infringed previously.

The jury even put a constraint on the current verdict by also finding that Apple had infringed one of Samsung’s patents in creating the iPhone 4 and 5. The infringement was related to organizing photos and videos in the gallery. The jury awarded Samsung $158,400, skimming that amount from the original $119.62-million verdict. Samsung had sought $6 million.

Being frank, both amounts are a small drop in the ocean for the world’s top 2 smartphone makers.They have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in legal fees on battles across four continents to dominate a market that was valued at $338.2 billion last year.This time victory for Apple is little sour since they have itself been found to infringe upon patents.