Apple Watch was launched earlier this month. It is expected to be shipped by early next year (2015). However, there is possibility whereby it will be delayed further. According to reliable sources close to Apple, Apple Watch has a shorter battery life. Other smart watches in the market such as Pebble and MetaWatch tend to last up to a week on a single charge while Apple Watch need to be charged at night. This was mentioned briefly by Apple’s Chief Executive Tim Cook, during the launching event previously.

Apple Watch has a user interface which is different than on an iPhone. From the watch, the users can zoom in and zoom out a map or scroll a list. Users can also talk to the phone and send a voice reply or even have it transcribed to them. It understands question in messages and then displayed a preselected answers which then users will need to select to reply to the sender. Music can be controlled on an iPhone via the Apple Watch. Creating messages can only be done using emoji or dictation since there is no keyboard. Not to mention that Siri is also embedded into the Apple Watch.

There is no further detail on Apple Watch battery yet. According to the spokesperson for Apple, it will be revealed closer to the launch next year. Like many Apple product, the battery cannot be replaced. Apple is working to enhance this feature and hopefully it will be done in time.