Yes! The rumors about ‘iWatch’ were true; the Apple Watch is a real deal.

mvmvThe months of circulating rumors are now ended as Apple has announced its smartwatch. The Apple Watch has huge list of features and this device is not only for tech crazy geeks. The wearable holds some style and fashion and has the features that everyone will like.

Tim Cook, Apple chief executive, explained about the watch in his own style; he said, “An entirely new product. We believe this product will redefine what people expect from its category.”

Apple Watch:  Details

Shape: No round option, the display of the watch is rectangular and flexible.
Size: 42mm and 38mm
Editions: 18-karat gold, anodized aluminum and stainless steel.

Other things offered are:

  • Infrared
  • Tailor-made user interface
  • “Digital Crown” jog dial to run through menus
  • With Siri
  • Photosensors for detecting pulse rate
  • Visible-light LEDs

Apple Watch Screen

The touchscreen of the watch is made able to sense force with the use of new Taptic engine. The screen analyzes the touch force to produce different output. ‘Force Touch’ is a harder touch in the Apple’s language and it functions as a right mouse click.

apple watch

Apple Watch Digital Crown

New Digital Crown will help in the navigation. It can take to watchface or main menu by just a single press.


Apple Watch Functions

There are lots of things that can be enjoyed on Apple Watch. It has a photo app; photos can be zoomed in or out with the help of the crown. No on-screen keyboard is present but texting can be done with gestures and customizable emoji. Maps can be used for navigation.

apple watch function

Apple is set to open Watch access with an SDK named ‘WatchKit’. Developers have already utilized it and created Facebook and Twitter apps that will come as built-in apps. City Mapper, American Airlines, BMW, and so many others have also joined in.

apple watch communication

Apple Watch Design

The Apple Watch is not like what was expected. It is neither very classic in looks, nor it looks like a kid’s toy. The style and design both make good impression and totally dependent on function of the device. The rotating crown has been integrated in the device to make navigation easy. It can easily take to different options in a small screen.

apple watch design

Anyone can select the size and bands according to their will but there is no option in dial. The dial is present only in the rectangular shape and no round dial is offered. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the device could be worn all day and in any occasion. From this, a person can assume that the battery will last a day at least.

Apple Watch: Health Monitoring

The Apple Watch has two apps in particular. These apps will help you to enjoy a healthier life. They will incorporate with the new HealthKit app which will help to provide better health stats.

Apple Watch: Price

The basic model of the watch will have the price tag of $349. There will be three different models:

  • Apple Watch Edition: Made with 18-karat gold
  • Apple Watch Sport: having anodized aluminum
  • Apple Watch: using stainless steel

Apple Watch: Release Date

The device has been announced now but it will take time to reach the market. It is expected that it would hit the market in early months of 2015.

apple watch compatibility