Apple is planning to reveal its Apple Watch in the next month with good features. The device will also support advertising platform with its tap sense. The ad platform will show only the local ads as well as retailer’s advertisements. This will connect with the GPS system, track your location and display the nearby retailers’ coupons discounts.

The advertisement inspires the user to go to the nearby stores for shopping. Moreover, the Apple Pay integration will offer to purchase any purchase and pay including the discount of the shops.

SDK is the combination that has been added in the Apple Watch to ads web banners on local shops. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for the nearby shops those offer coupons to attract the audiences. The display app offers a coupon to the users that can be used for sales off.

Co-founder and CEO of Tap Sense, Ash Kumar told that “Internet of Things and Wearable are the next to Smartphones. We are really pleased and lucky to have first programmatic ad platform for Smartwatches. Apple Watch focuses on the next generation’s platform that will increase the opportunities and offers different experience to the consumers.”