LG and Apple relationship has been growing up and up slowly. Just for the previous tablet, Apple has ordered high resolution displays for Apple iPad tablets to LG. now; Apple is going to continue to make the relationship stronger with the new order for the flexible plastic OLED screen.

LG brand has been improving its technology day by day and it helps the company to get more orders from giant companies. Producing flexible lighting panels made of plastic is not a hard job for the brand at all. However, the demand quantity could be a problem for the company.

According to a source, Apple has determined to get 26 to 29 millions of displays by the end of the year with 61 million displays in 2016. However, the display amount will be dependent on the Apple Watch’s demand after launching.

However, only 8.5 million watches could be shipped by Apple in this year and the order news is likely very high for the company. Samsung will deliver application processors, ASE is reasonable for system-in-package modules and Quanta will deliver EMS for the upcoming Apple Watch with LG.

No basic information has been provided by Apple yet. But, Apple Watch could be available in April, may be first week of the month.