Tim Cook announced Apple Watch in September 2015 and since then everyone is curious about what Apple’s smartwatch would really be like. The phone’s battery will reportedly last only for a day and it will need charging every night. This has been mentioned by the Apple’s CEO himself but there is no mention about how long the battery will actually last.

9to5Mac has got information about specific performance targets that Apple is keen to achieve regarding the Apple Watch battery, but it remains to be seen how Apple actually fares. According to sources, Apple has opted for a powerful processor and a high quality screen in its smartwatch but both would need more power. The Apple S1 chip in the Apple Watch runs SkiHill, a stripped-down version of iOS. Its performance is quite close to that of Apple’s A5 processor used in iPod Touch. The watch screen is “Retina-class” color display updating at 60 FPS. It is obvious that both will drain out the battery quickly. However, when the watch screen is not in use, the display turns off, saving power.

Apple has been stress-testing the watch’s battery life with various applications. Apple is targeting 2.5 hours of heavy app usage such as gaming; 3.5 hours of usage for standard apps; 3 hours for clock face display and watch-ticking animations; 4 hours for fitness tracking; 2-3 days for low-power or standby modes and 4 hours for sleeping mode. Apple is targeting 19 hours of mixed (active/passive) usage per day but it may not achieve this target in the first version of Apple Watch.

Apple has been concerned over the short battery life and this is one of the reasons why Apple has pushed back the retail launch of Apple Watch from 2014 to early 2015. Latest reports suggest that Apple’s smartwatch will now start shipping only in April. Meanwhile, the company has circulated around 3,000 units of the watch to test its real-world performance.

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Source 9to5Mac