The new Apple’s iPad Air 2 selling price starts at $499. It is the same selling price as last year’s iPad Air selling price. It is a great product. It runs on Apple’s new A8X chip which provides 40% faster CPU performance for apps. However, the $499 is the price for iPad Air 2 16GB.

Yes, of course that any tablet product below $500 is considered cheap, especially for Apple products. However, with only 16GB of memory, I think that is a little bit expensive. Why I said it is expensive? It is because with just an additional of $100, you can get 64GB which is more than double the memory size. Yes, for $599, you can get a 64GB of iPad Air.

Maybe some of you think that you do not need a 64GB. A 16GB iPad Air is good enough for you. It does make sense if you are in education market. Normally schools who are cost-conscious will buy iPads in bulk and they do not tend to load them with a lot of apps. Therefore 16GB memory size is a perfect size for them.

However, this is not the case for the rest of us. Apple has made improvements to the camera quality in iPad Air 2 to allow you to shoot video with it which takes up more memory size, especially with the slow-mo video. On top of that, an update from iOS 7 to iOS 8 requires about 5GB of free space.

Therefore, the conclusion is to grab a 64GB of iPad Air 2 or even the 128GB of iPad Air 2 is the best decision in terms of economical reason.