JDI – Japan Display Inc. as we know it one of the largest display panel makers in the world. JDI is a combine venture of the Japanese government and big conglomerates like Hitachi, Sony and Toshiba. Sources from Reuters claim that Apple is currently ready to invest a whopping $1.7 billion along with JDI for a new pant of mobile display in the Ishikawa area.

According to insiders, this new plant would be made to exclusively supply displays for the future iPhones. This would certainly benefit all the Apple iPhone consumers as JDI is said to be the biggest manufacturer of mobile display panels. Earlier, such funding from the Cupertino tech giant have been found when it paid some billion dollars to Sharp’s production facilities for its Apple tablets display.

This collaboration of Apple with JDI with prove to be rally fruitful with some very new display technologies would be seen in the upcoming iPhones.

source: Reuters