Last year in December there was rumor that Apple iOS 8.2 version would have glucose tracking level application. Now this would prove to be really useful especially to diabetics who constantly need to monitor their blood glucose. However, currently this involves pricking the finger tip that proves to be a bit painful in order to obtain glucose samples. But now a company called DexCom is said to be working on an app to be brought in Apple Watch which would display the blood glucose levels in graph every five minutes without the need to prick ones fingers. The app is said to come along with the Apple Watch which is scheduled for launch in April.

There is an very phenomenon involved behind the working of this app. A glucose monitor sensor would be baked right within the watch that would measure the width of human hair and the sensor placed under the skin would come with blood glucose levels every five minutes.

The regulatory barrier for such product has now been lifted by FDA. Earlier, the software and monitor was considered as Class II device meaning these products would be monitored with very close scrutiny. Now the actual monitor only would require this approval whereas the software that works in sync with it just needs to be registered with FDA. This is really good news for Apple fans.

source: WSJ