We have already heard rumors that after bringing Force Touch display to Apple Watch, Apple is working to provide the Force Touch feature to its next iPhone.  The rumors have surfaced again, this time from the supplier who has provided the Force Touch panels for Apple Watch.

The supplier is TPK from China and according to a report by UDN, industry insiders say that TPK is set to record a significant growth in profits in the second half of this year because it is supplying Force Touch sensors to Apple along with GIS, another China-based supplier. These new sensors are meant for iPhone 6S Plus.

Force Touch display has a sensor embedded inside it which can distinguish between a light tap and a hard press on the screen by the user. This is a whole new functionality found in the Apple Watch and in the trackpad of the new Macbook. Now it looks like Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6S Plus will be getting it too.

Since the Apple Watch’s Force Touch display is smaller at 1.5-inch and 1.65-inch, it costs around $4 to $5 per unit. In comparison, the iPhone 6S Plus will have a much larger 5.5-inch display and the Force Touch sensor for it will cost about $13 to $14 which is 2.5 times that of the Apple Watch.

The interesting point to note is that iPhone 6S doesn’t seem to be getting the Force Touch display, only it’s bigger counterpart, the iPhone 6S Plus will feature it.

Well, this is not confirmed news, so better to take it with a pinch of salt. We’ll keep you informed when we know more. Stay with us.