It has been a long time since Apple is rumored to be working on a bigger version of iPad which most probably made to compete with Microsoft Surface 3 Pro in terms of productivity. However, this time, instead of going all out with the new product, it seems that Apple is taking a safer route by ordering lesser product components to the company’s supplier compared to what the market analyst has expected.

This move can be considered as the result of the weakening demand for tablets and the lesser sales of iPad compared to 5-inch smartphone.  Nowadays most users prefer a smartphone with a 5-inch display screen compared to a bigger inch tablets.  The upcoming iPad is rumored to be known as either iPad Pro or iPad Plus and it will have a 12.9-inch display screen.

The upcoming iPad is also rumored to feature a 2048 x 2732 resolution touch screen with the same ppi as iPad Air 2. The touch screen will also support Force Touch feature whereby it is a feature that can differentiate the pressure that the user put on the screen to perform different action depending on it. There also will be a USB3.1 with Type-C connector and a much more improved chipset as well as RAM. However, there is no confirmation whether it is going to be the final specifications or there will be changes later on.

Apple is reported to start mass-manufacturing the new iPad in late September and the launch is expected to be somewhere in mid-November.