Apparently since Fall 2014, just before the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has made several leading accessories makers to sign agreement that they should not seek information based on the leaks about future Apple devices. Based on these information, the accessories manufacturers will then use it to design the early cases of the new Apple devices that yet to be released to the market. This step will then hurt the sales of the current cases of Apple device that has already released to the market.

There are consequences of not following or not signing the agreement. One of them is not being able to get any business opportunities with Apple and/or its affiliates in the future. On the other hand, by following or signing the agreement, it could lead to delays in making accessories like cases which in the end will lose the sales of these cases during the period when the smartphone was just released by Apple. The period when the smartphone was just release is the time when there is a high demand for the cases.

Apple generally releases the manufacturing specifications after the device is officially announced. This gives vendors little opportunity for selling accessories since they will take some time to design, manufacture and in the end ship the device.However, eventhough the vendor has followed the agreement, it is reported that Apple has removed 60% to 70% of the third party cases from its stores to make way for the Apple Watch.