Apple has released three new Apple Watch ads on its YouTube channel just prior to its official worldwide launch. The new ads titled ‘Rise’, ‘Up’ and ‘Us’ focus on three important uses of the device: Time, Health & Fitness and Communication. These are the three aspects which Apple CEO Tim Cook highlighted while introducing the Apple Watch.

Many feel that there is really no need for a smartwatch, that it is more of a style statement. The entry of Apple Watch has surely generated some excitement in the smartwatch market and Apple is highlighting its functions through ads so that people get interested and convinced to buy one.

The first ad “Rise” shows people using their Apple Watch for their morning activities, to wake up, see & answer incoming messages and use it when they commute.

The second ad “Up” shows people using the health and fitness features of the watch for working out and other activities like setting up fitness goals or using it while exercising etc. It also highlights the “stand” notification which alerts users with “Time to Stand” when they are working or commuting.

The final ad “Us” focuses on the Apple Watch’s communication features such as draw pictures, send animated emojis, heart beats or taps to the wrists of others wearing the Apple Watch.

At the end, all the three ads declare “The Watch is here”. Apple’s earlier marketing campaign focused on showing Apple Watch on the wrists of celebrities, models and athletes but now it appears that Apple is showing the device being used by common man.