Since Apple has acquired Beats by Dr Dre earlier this year, the tech giant company is planning to rebuild Beats Music and integrate it into iTunes by next year. This movement is done in the hope to bring up Apple’s iTunes service sales which is currently declining. The revenue from the service is down 13 to 14 percent this year until the moment when this article was posted. It is a big jump compared with the 2.1 percent decline in the previous year.

It is not confirmed whether there will be a free streaming option offered when it is re-launches. Beats Music is priced at $10 monthly, with no ad-supported business model like Spotify. Beats has also recently launched an Apple TV channel and released a “Listen Now” integration with Shazam.

Before the acquisition by Apple, Beats is making headphones, therefore, that was one area whereby we expect this movement would help Apple. However, while integration with iTunes would makes sense, Steve Job’s biographer Walter Isaacson mentioned that Beats will be exploring possibility to be video content providers.

The official announcement could come as soon as in the first half of 2015. We are excited but we only can wait and see.