Apple’s decision to enter the “quantified self” race reportedly will not end with a so-called iWatch,” as the company is thought to be considering the creation of a centralized tracking platform for health and fitness devices similar to the iOS App Store.

Recently, Apple has been found hiring health and fitness experts inorder to rolled out health product. The various experts hired from biotech companies such as Vital Connect, Philips Sleep Research and Masimo. The latest reported hire is Eric Winokur, who is an MIT researcher. Winokur does work mostly on devices that monitor blood pressure and heart rate.The company hiring in the sensor technology which is believed to be rising due to the rumored project.

Apple Inc. Chief Executive Cook promised to deliver a product that could monitor fitness nutrition and blood glucose levels. In particular, it’s been heard that a key feature of “Healthbook” application coming along with iOS 8 would act as a central medium for users to track and measure health-related data on their iPhone. This application will compete with variety of wearable and connected devices which are able to track information such as blood pressure,weight,heart rate and more.


While wearable biometric devices are believed to be Apple’s immediate interest, some suspect that a new health platform is the company’s longer-term play.Since the Apple’s last product was iPad in 2010, the integration of this new health project with their new product “iWatch” sounds like a winning strategy.