Last Tuesday Apple gained a major patent in method of manufacturing the phone chassis. This patent will allow them to make iPhone chassis seamlessly as transition from metal to glass becomes direct. Due to this the iPhones will have a more subtle and nicer finish.

This patent was filed by Apple six years ago in 2008 but was granted last week. The patent reads “Methods and systems for integrally trapping a glass insert in a metal bezel” in layman’s terms it is method to embed sapphire display in LiquidMetal chassis. Practically this means your iPhone display will not be glued to the metal chassis but will be molded such a way that it becomes an integral part of the metal chassis. This will make the phones for resistant to wear and tear also nicer in looks.

Apple is already a pioneer in using sapphire display panel; this patent will give an upper hand in manufacturing phones with sapphire display. iPhones made from this patented method would be unibody design. So it would be impossible for the user to open his iPhone. So if iPhone has stopped you will need a trip to the Apple Store you cannot check the phone yourself.

But till now only patent has been granted so it will take a while for Apple to introduce LiquidMetal in an manufacturing. Nevertheless we can expect to see a LiquidMetal iPhone in sometime future.