The latest Apple patent applications hiting on the USPTO describes a contextually-awared security solution, which automatically modifies the security settings of a corresponding mobile device.

The location-based functionality of the patent modifies the certain security levels of the handset in accordance with the user’s current whereabouts and their overall security. Apart from GPS module, the solution also utilizes location information from nearby Wi-Fi and carrier networks.

For example,if your device discovers that you have just terminated your morning commute and are about to begin work, it can configure your iPhone to unlock with the support of Touch ID. Moreover, if Apple’s service checks out that you are about to enter your home, which is generally secure enough, it will request you to key in your 4-digit unlock code. The patent application also help users in determining which location is safe and which is not, thus estimating what kind of security should be employed at required location.

Apart from changing the security levels, patent solution can also alter various configuration settings and profiles of user’s mobile device, providing them with different location-based workstations. For example,if it senses that you are in your car, it will lower down the security constraints, thus allowing you to access your navigation, music or Apple’s CarPlay dashboard system effortless.

What can you make out from this Apple patent application? Do you believe that it might turn out to be extremely useful or it is just another attention-grabber? Share your opinions below!

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