It’s a good news for the Apple fans in US and UK as the company has arrived with a new payment option of PayPal on its Apple Online Store. PayPal is a world renowned money transfer website in different countries. This means that along with the option of paying through credit and debit cards, buyers can now even pay with PayPal. The icing on the cake is that new buyers can even opt for PayPal’s credit for up to 18 months of time period and that too absolutely interest free.

However, paying through PayPal is already an option for the Apple App Store and the iTunes store buy not its good to see this options getting extended even to the company’s Online Retail Store. However, for the moment this facility is only available in US and UK and we expect it to roll-out soon in other markets as well! This means that non US/UK residents can still buy from the Apple Online Store provided they are suitable with the shipping only in UK and US. We are sure that this new service would surely be helpful for all the Apple fans worldwide once Apple starts rolling it out on global basis.