The Apple WWDC 2015 event has kicked-off in style and what we expected to be the major announcement of iOS 9 has finally gone official! In Apple’s words, the iOS 9 is one the “most advanced” mobile operating systems with some very intelligent changes made over its previous iOS 8. Let’s check what the new OS has to offer!

iOS becomes now proactive


Well, this has as such nothing to do with the digital voice assistance – Siri, while it the built in operations for the OS that has gone more pro-active. The software for the iOS 9 has been designed so nicely that it takes into account the number of variables like your location, time and date, the connections available and would like to predict as to which app you want to open at a specific time. For example, as soon as you plug your headphones in, the iOS 9 recommends user the recent playlist they have played. Moreover, if you have any specific appointment coming up, the iOS 9 will work for you and check out the traffic conditions and thus will intimate you priorly accordingly so that you be on time for your scheduled appointment. Moreover, if you receive any call from an unknown number, iOS 9 will search through your mails to help you link the number to your contacts.

Siri gets more smarter


Apple’s virtual digital assistant – Siri has now gone even smarter. According to Apple, Siri has got smart by more than 40% giving out more accurate results. Siri is now more capable to handle variety of user requests and now also helps you to search images and videos taken at a particular location or any specific day. Moreover, Siri is also capable for setting up of advanced reminders like it must be activated when someone comes to a specific location. The platform also has got a new, fresh and colorful look.

Spotlight’s cool features

In the iOS 9, the Spotlight is now a full-fledged screen where recommendations and shortcuts are intelligently organized. The latest apps visited and the frequently used contacts appear over there. The Spotlight search will help you to quickly know about the nearby interesting places. At the bottom users will get all the headlines of things he/she is interested in. Searching for sports schedules, inside app information and Netflix Movies has gone even easier.

However, you need not worry regarding he security and privacy of your data as Apple has taken every care to make sure that your data is not accessed by third party apps.

Split screen multi-tasking now a reality


Well, the split screen multi-tasking which was in talks since the launch of iOS 8 is now a reality! The Split View allows users to run side-by-side apps instead of switching in between them every time. With this true multi-tasking experience, both the apps will be active simultaneously and the new picture in the picture mode will even let you enjoy videos along with other apps. The Slide Over feature allows users to launch the second app without closing the first one.

However the sad news is that, the Split View feature is available only for Apple iPad Air 2 while the Slide Over and picture in picture functionality will be available iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3.

Apple Maps improvements


The company’s own mapping system Apple Maps now comes with Transit View. Like the Google Maps, it too includes directions for public transport like subways, trains, busses and ferries. The Transit View feature is available in different cities of Baltimore, Berlin, Chicago, London, Mexico City, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Toronto, and Washington, DC. Moreover, the feature will also be available through 300 cities of China.

Battery life improvements, Notes and Apple News

The apps in iOS 9 are said to be working with Metal, meaning it offers the lowest-overhead access to GPU for better, smooth and responsive graphics. This results into faster performance and the battery consumption has also been nicely optimized which adds up an additional hour of usage to your devices. In case you are left with the last juice of your battery Amperes, the low power mode comes to your rescue with prolonged hours of battery operations. THE LOW POWER MODE can offer three extra hours of battery life to your device.


Well, the traditional Note taking app has received an excellent upgrade wherein the new Note application includes easily generating to-do checklist, text-formatting and even the ability to draw sketches in your note application. Moreover, user can even access the camera to make any kind of visual notes. Other apps, Safari and Maps can also be imported to Notes directly. So the once looking very simple app now has got multiple-excellent features to it.

The iOS 9 upgrade brings the new Apple News app that with keep the user updated with the latest headlines. Moreover, the app based on your interest will get you the latest news of the particular section of your interest. Moreover your news interest would be kept private and not shared with third party apps or other media. This feature is said to be available in U.S, U.K and Australia.


The release date for the iOS 9 is yet not announced but it is being said that all the handsets above iPhone 4s and iPad 2 will receive the update.

Courtesy: PhoneArena