Apple has joined NGMN, the group that is playing an active part in defining 5G standards. The NGMN or Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance wants to define 5G standards which will shape the future of the telecom industry as we know it.

Chief Technical Operators of 19 different carriers met in Barcelona during February 2014. Discussions were done as to the “end to end” requirements for 5G Coverage in mobile networks. Some mobile operators are already testing 5G equipment made by leading cutting edge vendors.

Samsung said that they achieved the 1Gbps mark in tests in May of 2013. They said that this test used 64 antennas to achieve the desired speed. Samsung thinks that by 2020 5G networks will be ready for commercial use.

5G speeds open doors to exciting possibilities. A whole movie can be downloaded and installed on your phone with in a few Seconds in 5G speeds. The NGMN Alliance give a warm welcome to new members: Dutch cable TV operator Ziggo, and China’s Peking University.

Dresden already has a 5G lab where they run tests on hardware and software related to 5G networks, and 5G technology. This includes tests on chips, spectrum, and cloud storage, and cloud computing.

Here’s a quote from Luke Ibbetson, the R&D Chief of Vodafone

“Vodafone is proud to be taking a leadership role in the development of the next generation of wireless communications. While 5G is in very early stages of development it’s important that we invest the time and effort to really understand the technology. There are several years of research ahead of us and Vodafone looks forward to working closely with Dresden and its other partners around the world to build a technical foundation for the next generation of mobile communications.”