Apple recently announced streaming music service which will be named Apple Music. It promises an integration platform for artists whereby an artist will have a page dedicated to them within the service which then the page can be used to post track samples, photos, videos and concert updates.

On top of that the artists will also able to share the content for other artist to help the other artist to promote their new singles or the upcoming concert. For example, Beyonce can use her page to promote Jay-Z’s new single. The users are allowed to comment on or like these posts provided if they have iTunes account.

The core feature of this music streaming service is the Artists Activity which fortunately, the users are allowed to disable this feature from the Restrictions panel in iOS 8.4 in case if they found this a little bit irritating. The service will be available across all platforms such as iOS, Android and Mac.

For users who have existing Beats Music cloud libraries, they are able to bring over their songs to Apple Music. iTunes Match and iTunes Radio is retained eventhough both of them overlapped each other in terms of functionality. iTunes Radio will be going through a revamp for improved mixes and international rollout to work similar to streaming service.

There are a few things that Apple is going to announce in Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference kickoff on Monday, June 8th, including iOS 8.4, iOS 9, OS X10.11, Apple TV feature as well as Apple Music. I am looking forward to it.