The Worldwide Developers’ Conference was held in June and followed by the iPhone event. In this event which was held in September, we also got to see the new Apple Watch and the new iPad. The next event is bound to be about the Apple Watch’s release. This new smartwatch is on the horizon and according to Tim Cook, it should be released by April. Which means that they are bound to hold another event before February ends.

Apple May Hold An Event For Apple Watch And The New 12-inch MacBook Air - 2 -- DoiToshin

This information is sourced to the French site iGen. According to them, the event may be scheduled for 24th February. Since they have been a good source of consistently reliable information, we have no reason to doubt them this time. This keynote is expected to formally introduce the Apple Watch to the masses. This seems a little too early though. We say this because iOS 8.2 was scheduled to be released in March. This new update was to include important components necessary for Apple Watch integration with the iPhone.

FYI the claim that Apple Watch will be unveiled in this particular keynote is still a matter of speculation. It is also expected that Apple plans to release another product, the 12-inch MacBook Air. Rumor has it that the 12-inch MacBook Air is more than just the screen size, there are also significant performance boosts in store for Apple consumers. It is said that the new device will have even fewer ports which some people might not like but all these improvements are still yet to be seen to be criticized. Maybe Apple will win its critics over once again.

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