We all know the heated rivalry between Apple and Samsung that is going on between the two Tech juggernauts since past many times. Recently, Apple had filed in the court and kept a bid to put ban on Samsung smartphone sales. However the U.S. court has declared its judgment in San Jose, California, that the Cupertino giant has failed to provide enough proof that some concrete action must be taken to ban Samsung’s sales.

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Apple and Samsung have been involved in a tug-of-war since past three years over various patent issues the use of fingers to zoom and pinch on the screen, as well as on some design elements like the smartphone’s flat, black glass screen.

In order to account for the losses, judge Lucy Koh has declared that Samsung needs to pay Apple a sum of $930 million against the $1.05 billion demanded by Apple as a part of its penalty. However, the judge has also declared that Samsung is free to continue its sales of the infringing devices in U.S.


Earlier, both Samsung and Apple had failed to make an out of court settlement regarding this matter. But Apple doesn’t seem to give it up on its part and it has filed a new lawsuit involving Samsung’s more relevant devices like the Galaxy S III. The trial is believed to be held this month end and we need to see whether Samsung has still more penalties to pay from its wallet.