Apple “iWatch” won’t be the first wrist-worn communicator idea by the company. Previously company also made the design of a device that can be worn on wrist. Recently, company legendary designer, Hartmut Esslinger, published a book named “Keep It Simple: The Early Design Years of Apple”, which revealed ‘iWatch’ is nothing new for Apple.

Apple iWatch

An image from the Esslinger’s recently published book showed a device with a keypad design that can be worn on wrist. This digital watch like machine is connected wirelessly with a headset. The photo is a piece from the book which German weekly newspaper Die Zeit published.

The keypad has 12 keys in total. Ten keys are assigned to the numbers 0 to 9, one key has a star and another has pound button. Headset is designed as a single earpiece that has a microphone capable of curving to the mouth of the person for easy communication.

Another design from the book is a foldable box that contained a complete workstation. The concept based on Lisa. This monolithic device has a full Lisa computer, a telephone, a printer and a monitor. All the things present in a same device.

Lisa Computer
Esslinger created “Snow White” design language in the year 1984 at the request of Steve Jobs. Both these devices followed the same language designed by Esslinger.

In 1982, Esslinger joined Apple and when Jobs was dismissed, he also left the company and joined NeXT with Jobs. In 1997, Jobs rejoined Apple, but Esslinger didn’t come back.