Apple iPad product is facing a slow growth since its debut in 2010. This happens because of a lot of factors such as the competition from other products like Microsoft’s Surface and Microsoft Surface Pro tablets. To revive the iPad market, Apple has been working on several improvements on both the software and hardware to remake and improve the tablet next year.

Apparently Apple is working on two 12-inch iPads which go with codename “J98” and “J99”. The tablets will come with two ports; Lighting and USB-C, two pairs of stereo speakers as well as the design will be as slim as the iPhone’s. On top of that, it will have a 12.9-inch sapphire glass display with a silver nanowire-coated touch panel, the latest A9 processor, rapid recharge feature as well as the optional multi-sensor stylus.

For the software department, Apple is currently working on two new features, side by side app support and multi-user logins. The side by side app support will be announced in Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference which will be taking place in June this year as part of iOS9. However, the multi-user logins feature will be launched at the later date.

With the side by side app support feature, you can view two different apps side by side or multiple views of the same app. The feature also will support 1 / 2, 1 / 3 and 2 / 3 views, however, it will depend on whether the apps support it or not.

Well, we cannot wait to see the final product, can we?

iPad-Pro-renders-by-Martin-Hajek (2)1-iPad-Pro-renders-by-Martin-Hajek (1) 2-iPad-Pro-renders-by-Martin-Hajek