A promotional flyer for the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 has been posted by a Weibo user in China. Adding to the heap of rumours concerning Apple’s next alleged iPhone, he showcased images of two iPhone 6 variants, a 4.7-inch variant and a larger 5.5-inch variant.

The user also tipped off the handset’s release date along with pricing details. The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 variant will be priced at 5,288 RMB (approx $851), while the other 5.5-inch iPhone 6 model will cost 6,288 RMB (approx $1,012). Better specs and difference in size could likely be the reason pertaining to the price difference between both the models.

The leaked flyer suggested a September 19 China launch for both the models. Apple is expected to unveil the upcoming iPhone 6 prior to its release date and if September 19 is the actual launch date, then the announcement from the Cupertino is not far away. Historically, that’s not surprising, since the iPhone 5s launched on September 20 and the iPhone 5 did so on September 21.

A report from China also mentioned that the Cupertino giant has already sent the alleged iPhone 6 to Chinese carriers(China Mobile, China Unicom and etc)  and local distributors for 4G LTE compatibility testing in China. This contradicts with the Taiwanese report last week that suggested the manufacturing process of 4.7-inch model to begin this week and that of the 5.5-inch model to begin only in second week of August.

Both iPhone 6 (4.7”) and iPhablet (5.5”)  are expected to ship with the new-generation 64-bit architecture Apple A8 processor, 1 GB RAM, Touch ID finger-print sensor, 8.0-megapixel camera with f2.2 aperture (with the possibility of featuring OIS: Optical Image Stabilizations), NFC, and slightly hefty battery (50-70-percent more watts power to feed energy sapping iPhablet’s large screen).

Though the rumors are running wild on the Internet, Apple is yet to respond to the speculations.This report will remain as pure speculations only until the company comes out and clears the air over the rumors.