Apple iPhone 6 may well be set to launch on September 19, 2014. The iPhone 6 will be available at Germany’s biggest carrier Telekom and probably also in Apple stores, according to the German site . The staff at Telekom call center has been asked to tell the customers about the expected September launch of the iPhone 6 and tempt them to continue with the company.

Since the date of launch coincides with past few iPhone launches, it is quite possible that Apple iPhone 6 will be released in September this year. Also, September 19 is a Friday and Apple’s new models are always released on Fridays. Apple iPhone 5s and 5c had been released on September 20 and iPhone 5 was released on September 21, 2012. Looking to this trend, it is likely that iPhone 6 will be released on September 19.

In such a case, Apple will make an announcement about iPhone 6 a week or two before the launch and introduce the iOS 8 much before that, as it is traditionally in the habit of doing. iPhone models are usually first launched in the US, UK, Canada, China, Australia, Singapore, Japan, France and of course Germany.

Apple iPhone 6

New IPhone models planned by Apple are rumored to have bigger screens; one with a 4.7-inch display and another bigger one with a 5.5-inch display. Their hardware will also see a redesign, having a much thinner frame.