As we said earlier that this is the week of Apple iPhone 6 leaks because of getting so many leaked info and picture of this upcoming device. Now, we also have the best quality photos that are showing of this new device of Apple Brand. But, the pictures are showing the best quality feature of new iPhone 6 to the users that are fully waterproof like Samsung Galaxy S5.

The Apple iPhone 5 leaks picture also shows the home button with gold colored ring on the black color body. Sonny Dickson has tweet these high quality leaked images on last week that shows the design and waterproof quality.

IPhone 6 leaked pictures are showing off the new feature of Apple that is fully waterproof. The pictures will show you that seem iPhone 6 is a submarine instead of a Smartphone! This new feature will surely highlight the Apple Company Smartphones and give a standpoint to the competitive market too.

Recent Smartphone from Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S5 as well as Sony Xperia Z2 also offers the same feature like Apple. However, those Smartphones can be safe under water up to 30 minutes on 1 meter water depth. Upcoming LG G3 Smartphone is also hoping to bring the feature to the users. As a result, Apple has brought the right feature to compete with those new Smartphones.

However, we are giving main focus on the thinness and screen size comparing with the Apple iPhone 5S. However, the new iPhone comes with 4.7-inch display with other same features on the screen.

Watch out more waterproof leaked pictures of iPhone 6 bellow and give you opinion about the new feature of Apple iPhone model.


Apple iPhone 6 leaks sample 2

Apple iPhone 6 leaks sample 3

Apple iPhone 6 leaks sample 4