The upcoming iPhone 6 is buzzing the rumour mobile-mart heavily,thanks in large part to some people getting access to dummy units of the flagship model.

The latest Photoshop prowess depicts a 360-degree view of Apple’s next handset, in perpetually rotating GIF form no less. It appears like someone has used all of the images which got leaked so far.Subsequently, looking below this paragraph will feast our eyes upon what will probably end up being the design of the iPhone 6.

ip6 (2)

Basically all of the recent iPhone 6 image leaks have concluded the same scenario, or very close analysis of it. The next generation iPhone has been rumored to come in two variants- one with a 4.7″ display, the other with a phablet-like 5.5″ panel instead. The GIF above allegedly depicts the smaller of those two.

The Cupertino flagship model is expected to unveiled sometime during third quarter-end, alongside the iPad Air 2 and a new iPad Mini.