According to recent sources, the news are that Apple will be sporting the same 8MP camera as found in the iPhone 5S but will infact focus more on improving the image quality and lens system. The recent rumors show that Apple might be possibly using a swappable resin lenses for its next flagship iPhone 6 or will work on optical image stabilization. Looking at Apple implementing some gyro-based software tricks, in iPhone 5S for the purpose of removing OIS we could hardly see it being incorporated in its next flagship.



Apple’s decision in order to stick to its 8MP camera would be quite questionable as with of the high-end flagship are sporting at least more than minimum 10MP camera. Moreover, analysts from across the globe suggest that most of the devices in 2015 will host a minimum of 13+MP camera.

Sony Corp who is believed to be master in lens technology is believed to come with a 21MP camera by the end of the year. SO if iPhone 6 has to compete with such gadgets, camera built is a sector where Apple would have to seriously think of before making the final word.