Spigen has confirmed of new upcoming Smartphone Apple’s case for the users. However, the Apple Company has not provided any direction or indication of the iPhone 6 at all. Apple iPhone 6 design case pictures are available in the official website of Spigen where you can have the upcoming Smartphone transparent cases.

Leak pages of iPhone 6 will always provide you the best pictures and some ideas about the iPhone 6 sizes. Moreover, most of the pictures and screen size looks similar according to the comparison.

Apple iPhone 6 Design Case Confirms by Spigen

Therefore, Spigen case company has brought the cases of iPhone 6 with two variations including 5.5-inch and 4.7-inch display. But, Apple has not confirmed the rumor yet although the Apple fans are likely to believe on those rumors.

The designs are same and different for the Spigen android case for both of the iPhone sizes. However, the iPhone 6 dummy units are still being a rumor for the users and fans of the brand. IDTouch sensor of the iPhone 6 will need to be improved soon in order to provide get features. However, the final features and declaration will be available in the fall because Apple will announce it officially.