Well, these days there are a lot many rumors concerning the Apple handset which is possibly supposed to be a 4inch iPhone 6c along with two larger flagships iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Various reports coming from the insiders have shown that Apple is considering a successor to its plastic body iPhone 5c which is none other but the alleged 4inch iPhone 6c and an interesting leaks which can cause you to think has come our way.

Apple has recently released an official Lightening dock which is listed on the Apple Store and is priced for $39. During its advertisement in one of the images posted, is a device that looks like the iPhone 5c but seems o be having a TocuhID to its home button. However, the iPhone 5c even though released with the iPhone 5s doesn’t have any fingerprint sensor on board and the home button for the iPhone 5c comes with a square marking that was missing this time.

However, these can just be a render and they are as such just illustrations giving out the idea about how the device could be looking. We would be waiting to hear some official word from Apple on this. Take a look at the previously leaked images showing up the differences.

Could-this-be-the-iPhone-6c iPhone-5cs-Home-button-with-a-square-marking Older-leak-supposedly-showing-us-the-rear-housing-of-the-iPhone-6c (1) Older-leak-supposedly-showing-us-the-rear-housing-of-the-iPhone-6c

source: Apple