Apple iPad Air 2 seems to be all set to break covers and would arrive anytime soon. Recent reports have fetched out some of the details of the upcoming Apple iPad adding a feather-to-the-cap where the iPad Air 2 is tipped to be the thinnest tablet on the planet yet. It is believed that this new version would be squeezed by 0.5mm compared to existing iPad Air. Some shifts in the physical hardware location is also possible with more recessed volume buttons and the microphone being shifted at the back near the camera.

The Apple iPad Air 2 would come with the company’s new Apple A8 chipset under the hood with a double 2GB of RAM. Moreover, the TouchID fingerprint tech is supposed to be built in the home button with the latest Apple Pay features included. However, one thing that fans might miss here is the lack of NFC feature introduced for Apple’s mobile payment services. The rear camera would be lifted to measure 8MP with a probable bump likely to be seen in the front-facing camera as well.

Apple is supposed to bring a minimum storage option of 32GB with other two options of 64GB and 128GB. Along with the Black and White version, a gold version of the device is too expected. In addition to the details, some design photos of the device have also been leaked with a very similar design to the existing iPad Air. Some back view and side view images have also been leaked showing it to be ultra-slim with a 7mm expected thickness.

Apple iPad Air 2 front panel 3

Apple iPad Air 2 front panel 2 Apple iPad Air 2 back panel 2 Apple iPad Air 2 back panel 1 Apple iPad Air 2 back panel 3 Apple iPad Air 2 side view 3 Apple iPad Air 2 side view 1 Apple iPad Air 2 side view 2